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We, (Naturo Farmers Research & Producer Co. Ltd, Nashik) are into Natural Farming (based on Subhash Palekar Natural Farming by Padmashri Dr. Subhash Palekar). We have set up models of Grapes and Pomogranates in Nashik area using Dr. Palekar's farming methods. We also support and train the farmers through Video Seminars to adopt this farming method. Indigenous seed and livestock (Deshi/Local Cows) conservation.

Mission :

To bring social and economic upliftment of the farmers through natural (ZBNF) farming techniques and practices.


Reduce production cost of cultivation through input linkage of FPO, increase productivity through training in ZBNF technologies and proper marketing linkage for increasing income and ensure sustainable development.

Recently we had conducted 3 residential live seminars/workshops of Mr. Palekar since 2016 in Nashik and 1 in Shirdi (from 28th Aug to 2nd Sept 2018). 6000 farmers had participated in Shirdi seminar.

This method of farming improves the soil quality, water ecosystems and agricultural output which in turn reduces the biodiversity loss and degradation of environment. The method when applied to the 6 million farmlands in the country outlines a huge increase in the employment opportunities for the rural population.

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