As per the provision of Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development & Regulation) Act, 1963 section 39(J), the Board shall perform the following functions and shall have power to do such things as may be necessary or expedient for carrying out these functions.

  • To co-ordinate the functioning of the Market Committees including programmes undertaken by such Market Committees for the development of markets and market areas.
  • To undertake State level planning of the development of the agriculture produce markets.
  • To maintain and administer the Agricultural Marketing Development Fund.
  • To give advise to Market Committees in general or any Market Committee in particular with a view to ensuring improvement in the functioning thereof.
  • To supervise and guide the Market Committees in the preparation of plans and estimates of construction programme undertaken by them.
  • To make necessary arrangements for propaganda and publicity on matters relating to marketing of agricultural produce.
  • To grant subventions or loans to Market Committees for the purposes of this Act on such terms and conditions as it may determine.
  • To arrange or organise seminars, workshops, exhibitions on subject relating to agricultural marketing & giving training to members and employees of marketing committee.
  • To do such other things as may be of general interest relating to marketing of agricultural produce.
  • To carry out any other function specifically entrusted to it by this Act.
  • To carry out such other functions of like nature as may be entrusted to it by the State Government.

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