Ak Agri Products Producer company Ltd. Dhanora Bk is one of the producer company comprising of small and marginal farmers. The farmers are linked to input companies, markets and technical and professional institutions to enable all round development of the farmers.

The company was established on 17th November, 2015 under the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 8. limited by shares. There are 500 farmers (Farmers Interest Group). associated in the company and form most preferred and robust legal framework.

The company itself has purchased 0.60 hectares of groundwater for construction. Through the company, the seed processing program has been running for two years and provides seeds to farmers at reasonable rates.


Reduce production cost of cultivation through input linkage of FPO, increase productivity through training of new technologies and proper marketing linkage for increasing income & ensure the sustainable development.


Improve the socio , economical condition of small and marginal farmers by capacity building , smart technology increase production & agro business trade.

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     DS-228 (Phule Kalyani)<

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